See how creators are answering everyday questions with open data

Find examples of open data in action and gain inspiration for projects of your own

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Welcome to the NYC Open Data Project Gallery!

On the Open Data Project Gallery, you can find examples of open data in action and gain inspiration for projects of your own. See how NYC Open Data is used by activists to advocate for change, by entrepreneurs to develop products, by teachers to build analytics skills in the classroom, by government agencies to make data more accessible, and much more. 

We’re always looking to publish projects highlighting NYC Open Data in action and encourage you to share your work by submitting it to the Project Gallery!

The Project Gallery encourages a diverse array of submissions – visualizations, tools, tutorials, and much more. The best projects meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Does the project improve upon a user’s ability to understand a specific NYC Open Data dataset?
  • Does the project help New Yorkers answer a question or solve a problem using NYC Open Data datasets?
  • Does the project feature compelling and user-friendly visuals and design ?
  • Does the project engage with an NYC Open Data dataset using a novel format or perspective?
  • Does the project provide an instructional overview, share code, or explain design choices of the analytics work behind it?

Note that a submission does not need to meet every criteria in order to be considered for publication, but all projects must use NYC Open Data.