Sidewalk Widths NYC

Created by Meli Harvey
Launch Project
Covid-19 Map Pedestrians Sidewalks Visualization

How I Started

Generally, what I’m building has to not exist, or exist but not be accessible to people. I'm always interested to see more data around the pedestrian sphere, thinking about importance of equality of streets and public environments. I thought it would be useful to look at social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, and create a map that data novices could use to understand this information.

How I Built This

Sidewalk Widths NYC was built starting from the Sidewalk planimetrics Open Data dataset by calculating the center of each sidewalk segment and, ultimately, each segment’s width. It uses Mapbox to display each sidewalk segment, color coded by the relative difficulty of social distancing based on its width. For more information about this project’s creation, you can explore the documentation and code on GitHub.

Meli Harvey @tranopticon

Amelia (Meli) has a background in urban planning, regional planning,
public policy, architecture, computational design, software development,
web development, entrepreneurship, digital fabrication, and sculpture.
This noxious brew of vocations has given her a trans-disciplinary
approach to problem solving that's equally rooted in design, policy, and
product development.