How can I learn how to use the NYC Open Data Portal?
Check out the guide on how to Get Started with Open Data.

Where can I find a list of all of the datasets that are publicly available?
You can refer to the “dataset of datasets,” which lists all official datasets on NYC Open Data. You can also view data by category or City agency.

How do I point out an error that I found in a dataset?
Data quality is very important to us. If you find an error, let us know.

Are there restrictions on how I can use Open Data?
Open Data belongs to all New Yorkers. There are no restrictions on the use of Open Data. Refer to Terms of Use for more information.

I am a New York City employee – how do I publish my data to Open Data?
Drop us a line through the feedback form and someone from the Open Data team will reach out with assistance.

I have an idea on how to improve Open Data. How can I share my idea or product?
We’re always willing to take a look at a new idea or product. Send us more information through our feedback form.

How do I request a dataset that I cannot find? 
If the data you are looking for is not on the Open Data catalog, and is not scheduled for future publication in the Open Data plan, please nominate the dataset to be published.

I found the data that I’m looking for, but there is additional information that I would like to see.  How do I make this request?
Send us a note via our feedback form and someone on the Open Data team will follow-up. However, please keep in mind that agencies will not necessarily be asked to change their business methods to facilitate requests to collect new data but rather asked whether the data you’re requesting is already collected, in which case it may be added to the Open Data Portal.

What’s the best way to stay up to date on NYC Open Data?
Head to our Engage page to view our events calendar and subscribe to our mailing list.

How do I get more information on the BigApps competition?
Follow the @nycbigapps Twitter feed or the nycbigapps Facebook page.