Learn about NYC Open Data

The Open Data Ambassadors (ODA) program recruits, trains, and certifies digitally literate cohorts of volunteer ambassadors to teach about NYC Open Data across the diverse communities of New York City. By working with libraries and community organizations, Open Data Ambassadors bridges data literacy gaps and promote neighborhood and issue-based dialogue. This program is a collaboration between NYC Open Data and BetaNYC.

Who should attend?

Anyone can attend one of our 90 minute virtual classes taught by volunteer Open Data Ambassadors!

What will I learn?

  • What is NYC Open Data
  • History of the NYC Open Data program
  • How to frame questions for working with NYC Open Data
  • Using the NYC Open Data website, filtering, and visualizing datasets
  • Useful tools powered by NYC Open Data

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Questions? Email Us at [email protected]

Interested in becoming an Open Data Ambassador and teaching others about NYC Open Data? We’re not recruiting right now, but visit nyc.gov/teachopendata to learn more about the process!