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Five Communities of Williamsburg

Created by Wenfei Xu
Launch Project
Algorithms Maps Transportation

How I Started

Communities are incredibly difficult to map and we know that communities are almost never distinct, spatially isolated groups, especially when it comes to urban areas. We wanted to explore how we can use data to better understand and define communities of people, going beyond spatial borders.

How I Built This

Using python and CARTO

Wenfei Xu @iamwfx

Wenfei is a Data Scientist at CARTO. She has a background in urban planning, economics, and design and is very excited to be combining those skills at CARTO. Previously, Wenfei worked the Civic Data Design Lab and Senseable Cities Lab at MIT, where she researched vacancies or underuse in residential developments in China through social media and crowd-sourced data, the impact of street infrastructure on ethnic minority communities in Los Angeles, citizen-driven pollution documentation in China, and informal transit in Nairobi.