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NYC Restaurant Violations

Created by George Ho
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How I Started

I noticed that a lot of restaurants had A ratings, and I wanted an easy way to dig into the inspection history of my favorite restaurants.

How I Built This

This project was built with Pandas and Streamlit in Python.

The underlying dataset contains “every sustained or not yet adjudicated violation citation from every full or special program inspection conducted up to three years prior to the most recent inspection for restaurants and college cafeterias in an active status on [the date of the data pull].”

Upon startup, the dashboard pulls the latest dataset from the NYC Open Data website, and is thus kept up-to-date. Unfortunately, this means that there is no full historical view of data (i.e. the dashboard does not show all violation citations ever for a particular restaurant).

Additionally, please note that, because only active restaurants are included in the dataset, only restaurants in “active” status are shown. Also, because the dataset is compiled from several large New York City administrative data systems, there may be data errors/missing data.

George Ho @_eigenfoo

Point72 researcher. PyMC core developer. Bayesian modelling, natural language processing and coffee. (he/him)