Open Data Ambassadors

Teach New Yorkers about Open Data!

The Open Data Ambassadors (ODA) program recruits, trains, and certifies digitally literate cohorts of volunteer ambassadors to teach about NYC Open Data across the diverse communities of New York City. By working with libraries and community organizations, Open Data Ambassadors will help to bridge data literacy gaps and promote neighborhood and issue-based dialogue. This program is a collaboration between NYC Open Data and BetaNYC.

By participating in these classes, New Yorkers will have the opportunity to gain fundamental data literacy skills and reduce barriers using Open Data. We are building our next cohort of 10-15 Ambassadors who are enthusiastic about learning and teaching Open Data in their community— that could be YOU!

Open Data Ambassadors can come from a variety of fields and backgrounds with one thing in common: a desire to empower New Yorkers to use Open Data to answer questions about their communities and address challenges they have.

Ambassadors may include librarians, educators; government, non-profit, or community-based organization staff; civic hackers, people who work with data already, or anyone with a desire to learn about and share this free public resource.

A new group of Ambassadors was trained in the summer of 2023 so we’re not recruiting right now. Check back here for more information on our next training cohort!

Why become an Open Data Ambassador?

  • Help New Yorkers understand Open Data and Open Data tools, and spread the word about this valuable public resource in your community and around New York City
  • Shape the future of the ODA program by giving us feedback on materials and training as we continue to recruit and train Ambassadors
  • Become part of a community of Open Data educators and join our networking and social events to meet our teams and other Open Data Ambassadors

What is the commitment required to be an Open Data Ambassador?

  • Participating in four, 60-90 minute online training sessions over the course of one month
  • Completing the ODA certification assessment, which includes delivering a mock presentation
  • Joining occasional supplementary training and enrichment sessions
  • Signing up to teach at least three community training classes each year to New Yorkers
  • Helping identify opportunities for hosting trainings (for example, to a community group that you’re a member of)
  • Adhering to BetaNYC’s code of conduct throughout your participation in the ODA program

Open Data Ambassador Selection Criteria and Process

Candidates will be selected from the applicant pool based on the following criteria:

  • Interest in teaching New Yorkers about Open Data
  • Basic working knowledge of data OR a strong desire to learn
  • Proven record of community engagement and teaching experience (This is optional and we encourage people without direct experience to still apply!)

A new group of Ambassadors was trained in the summer of 2023 so we’re not recruiting right now. Check back here for more information on our next training cohort!

Questions? Email Us at [email protected]

Want to learn more about NYC Open Data instead? Attend a class taught by one of our Ambassadors. Visit to learn more!