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Created by Yale Fox
Launch Project
Civic Advocate

How I Started

Originally, a group of friends and colleagues hacked together a version 1.0. Four years later, we now have a team of engineers, data scientists, and management in place.

How I Built This

Rentlogic uses verified, city-issued data for multifamily buildings to give renters a fair comparison of overall quality as they navigate the rental market. Finding a place to rent is no simple task, and buildings are not always what they seem. In the spirit of social good, Rentlogic uses an algorithm to grade buildings on a scale of A, B, C and F, so renters know a building’s history and how responsive the landlord has been. This objective evaluation also helps landlords, too many of which get a bad rap despite being responsible property owners.

Yale Fox @rentlogic

Yale Fox is a tech entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to improving the world through data-driven technology innovation. He is the founder and CEO of Rentlogic and a TED Fellow who spent years studying and designing systems to observe social behavior in the context of business development. His passion for artificial intelligence (Al) led to his being recognized by the Gerson Lehrman Group for his ability to integrate AI into everyday use, from predicting catastrophic fires in cities to hacking an Amazon Alexa so his dog Elly could “talk” to people.

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