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NYC Data Explorer

Created by William P Karavites
Launch Project
Dashboard Environment New York City

How I Started

An easy to use portal that lets you visualize and lookup cool tid-bits of data about New York City. From Potholes, to Noise Complaints and Restaurant Inspections.

How I Built This

I actually used this project to help me learn Angular-CLI. I used that to build the basic front-end and data-processing tasks (REST/API calls, data processing, creating charts). Other than that, I used CartoDB to help map certain data-points. I also used a number of different TypeScript libraries to help read, parse and make the data easier to work with and display. Down the road, I’m going to be implementing a number of more graphs and data visualizations using other GeoSpatial and Data Visualization tools. I’d say it look around ~2 months of on-and-off work at nights.

The cool part of this project is that it is entirely client-side. It’s only ~3.5MB(and i can slim it down even more) and is hosted on AWS S3 so the performance is super smooth!

I used the different data-sets to help me identify certain categories of data that I thought would be fun and useful for people to see. For some data-sets, I created my own filtered set on the main Open Data page and for others, used the different APIs to query for it. Luckily the Socrata API makes it super easy to save filtered data-sets and the SoQL API makes it even easier to search through those data-sets.

William P Karavites @wkaravites

I simply like to make stuff with data. I'm horrible at art & music so I treat computers as my medium.

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