Nonprofit Volunteer Work Youth (age 13 - 25)

NYC Connector

Created by Coding for Impact
Launch Project
Buildings Map New York City Volunteer Opportunities

How I Started

Built by Coding for Impact, NYC Connector is a project which allows users to easily find and locate all different types of places near them where they can volunteer at, donate to, or find help at. Enter a zip code or address and nearby resources, along with information will be displayed on the map.

How I Built This

The project took us about a week to build. We programmed the website using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery, the Google Maps API, and ran a few python scripts to preprocess the data for geocoding. We built the website on our own, and used the locations and coordinates that the NYC Open Data datasets provided to display facilities on google maps.

Coding for Impact

My name is William Das and I am a rising sophomore at Hunter College High School. I like to act in theatre, compete in varsity tennis, and program web applications and mobile apps in my free time. I am the co-founder of Coding for Impact.

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